About Us

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Ultimate Goal (Vision)


To create Critical and Creative Thinkers that are groomed to seamlessly navigate through and achieve the ever evolving Global parameters of Education. Sandford High School aims to drive the highest potential of every student and ignite a purpose that burns bright for a lifetime. A holistic, highly impressive and innovative approach to learning is what would make SHS student poised to face challenges. Learning at Sandford is tailored to harness every student’s unique strengths and help them achieve Academic, Social and Emotional prosperity.

Our Expedition to Accomplish (Mission)


The race for excellence is one without a finish line and this encapsulates the Mission of Sandford High School where we are on an endless quest of immenseness in all we do. We set gold standards of Heuristic Learning environment with Premium facilities to build Scientific Temperament and Social Consciousness in our kids of varied age groups. It is coupled with one Comprehensive Curriculum designed to educate the 21st Century Skilled kids enabling them to thrive in the Global Community and Economy of tomorrow.

Our Values & Ethos


  • Care: For us, CARE means valuing every child’s unique abilities and creating a safe and secure environment. We let kids learn at their own pace. Our focus on holistic learning and growth extends to every teacher, school and program head involved in the growth and wellbeing of the child.
  • Curiosity : A happy and fulfilling learning environment is rooted in curiosity and letting children grow through their individual experiences. We encourage children to keep asking questions and for teachers to find unique ways to answer.
  • Culture : we build an inclusive space to enable rich and diverse experiences for children. Rooted in the value of learning, CULTURE for us means to be inclusive and bring equal acceptance to everyone involved in teaching and learning. We ensure that kids learn from different cultures and traditions to help them become better global citizens.
  • Coexist : Social conscious is any progressive society’s basic requisite. Therefore, Social Values like brotherhood, tolerance and co-existence would be gradually instilled in our students’ sight from the very beginning.
  • Collaborate : Collaboration augments growth and productivity. No one can grow in isolation. Collaborative working creates synergybecause of combined efforts. In schools amongst students it is the strongest core philosophy which teaches many a life skills.
  • Evolve : Learning is a process of evolving and developing. This is why we encourage children to be adaptable and independent for the ever changing futu

About us

Sandford High School proudly holds the rare distinction of being the first school in Jaipur, Rajasthan to offer an Integrated International Curriculum that weaves the most exemplary teaching practices into our classrooms. It is no mean feat that the SHS environment carefully blends together the best practices of the highly sought after Finnish Education System, the Reggio Emilia philosophy and the infallible Montessori approach. Aligned with the National Education Policy 2020, the school implements a gold mine of relevant and meaningful models of learning that guarantee Holistic Development of the child. Students of SHS benefit gigantically from this multi pronged approach that grooms them for a life of success.